Ericsson Innovation Day 2019
Easy switch to 5G business innovation

Welcome to Herzogenrath, Germany on September 25 and 26!

5G technology has started to go live in Europe and across the world. Entire new eco-systems are forming for the benefit of the society and the evolution of 5G enabled businesses. The opportunities from yesterday are realities of today and new applications are emerging around 5G technology: from new media experience and gaming all the way to smart manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and secure logistics.

In its 10 years anniversary edition of the Ericsson Innovation Days our guiding theme is “Easy Switch to 5G Business Innovation” providing behind the scenes business insights and technology experiences covering the latest on limitless connectivity, machine and edge intelligence, industrial 5G, consumer 5G value and network security and reliability.

Let’s jointly capture and discuss these growth opportunities and strengthen the ICT role in the evolving 5G value chain and surrounding eco-systems.


9:00 Check-in and Coffee
9:30 Welcome and Opening
Jan-Peter Meyer-Kahlen, Head of ICT Development Center Eurolab, Ericsson
9:40 Keynotes

September 25:
Manuel Ruiz, Head of Mission Critical & Private Networks, Ericsson
Kerstin Larsson-Knetsch, Head of Customer Solutions & Projects, Vodafone Business Germany
Ernest Debetz, Vice President Information Technology and Digitalization, e.GO Mobile

September 26:
Marie Large, Head of Strategy & Commercial Management, Business Area Digital Services, Ericsson
Alexander Lautz, Senior Vice President 5G, Deutsche Telekom
10:30 Demo Introduction and Opening of the Demo and Speakers Floor
12:40 Lunch
13:30 Keynote

September 25:
Patrick Weibel, Head of 5G Program, Swisscom

September 26:
Hamid Reza-Nazeman, Country Manager for Germany and Central Europe, Qualcomm
14:00 Reopening of the Demo and Speakers Floor
16:00 Closing Words and Networking
17:00 Departure
Registration is no longer possible. In case of questions, please contact Support Innovation Day.


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Value streams

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Limitless Connectivity

Ericsson radio solutions enable connectivity everywhere for everyone to unlock your 5G business potential.​

  • To provide limitless connectivity with 5G, cost-efficient and flexible connectivity solutions are key. ​
  • This can be a challenge given the diversity of deployment options and frequency bands, as well as the various requirements of current and upcoming business cases.​
  • In this stream we demonstrate how Ericsson solutions for urban, suburban, rural and indoor deployments can address this challenge as part of your network evolution strategy. ​
  • The proof-points cover not only mobile broadband, but also enterprise business cases.​

Intelligence Everywhere

Experience how the power of intelligent capabilities offered by 5G, distributed cloud and artificial intelligence drives digitalization.​

  • How can we bring it together: new opportunities of 5G, the edge cloud and automation?​
  • Ericsson’s new cloud solutions will pave the way for more intelligent and adaptive forms of edge computing. This enables operators to locate workloads closer to the massive data volumes generated by next generation of connected devices and machines. ​
  • And moving beyond this, artificial intelligence will lead to cloud operations becoming increasingly intelligent. This will evolve 5G further, making it not only relevant for low latency use cases but also offering potential to smartly handle cloud operations.​
  • In this stream we will show how we can provide all these capabilities in a coordinated manner that will pave the way towards intelligent cloud based services, as well as simplified and cost-effective operations.​

Industrial 5G Ecosystems

Explore 5G’s potential to be the right technology for industrial wireless communications.

In collaboration with operators, Ericsson makes 5G readily accessible for enterprises.

  • 3GPP based systems are the right technology for industrial wireless communications, initially 4G and upgrading to 5G.
  • Ericsson’s industry engagements provide a deep understanding of both technical requirements and operational needs of enterprises.
  • Ericsson drives the establishment of the 5G ecosystem including devices and applications and makes 5G technology accessible for enterprises.
  • Ericsson’s broad product and solution portfolio covers many deployment options supporting both brownfield and greenfield customers.

5G Consumer Value

We enable you to leverage the new 5G benefits for your consumer customers providing innovative service and use case solutions.

  • What new values can 5G provide for consumers?
  • Studies show customer expect many of their pain points to be solved with 5G - be it high urban network congestion or poor coverage in remote rural areas - (increased mobile broadband speed, lower latency, increased capacity, etc.).
  • But 5G is not only about connectivity, it is about enabling new services and to build innovative businesses and collaborate beyond telecoms to set up new digital value ecosystems.
  • In this stream we will share with you some use cases of how Ericsson’s 5G technology can support you in using 5G as enabler for new business, improve the customer journey and identify potential to reduce costs.

Security, Trust and Reliability

You can sleep well during the night because you can trust that we provide you with all the security and robustness you need to protect you and your assets.

  • The number of connected things, devices, entities and applications has grown enormously until today and will even grow quicker with 5G. With this the points of attack increase tremendously.
  • Ericsson’s security technology lets you feel safer as it has intelligence and automation in place to protect your networks and revenue.
  • In our stream you can experience more about our innovative products and solutions providing security, trust and reliability. Those will enable you to minimize impact of potential attacks.

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